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Top Franchise Méditerranée is under way!

Have you thought about a franchise as a means of setting up your own business? 90% of those who have done so recommend it. So why not you? To find out more about this formula for success, your next meeting is Top Franchise Méditerranée! 

Top Franchise Méditerranée is now the event for business and the franchising sector in Euro-Mediterranee. Franchising is booming around the world, and is particularly successful in France, thanks to the innovativeness of the French brands and franchisor networks. 

The Fédération française de la franchise and Reed Expositions France have reached an agreement with the Marseille Provence Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIMP) to organize Top Franchise Méditerranée. 

Founded and successfully built up by the Marseille Provence CCI, Top Franchise Méditerranée has established itself over the course of its 5 shows as France’s number two franchising and networked business show and as a must for the Mediterranean basin. In order to support the development of the show and its influence against a background of growth in franchising in the Mediterranean region, the Marseilles Provence CCI has decided to turn to a professional of international standing in the sector, whilst remaining involved in the general policy of Top Franchise Méditerranée. 

The Top Franchise Méditerranée team, will take charge of the organization and will make their experience and knowledge of the market available to Top Franchise Méditerranée. 

Top Franchise Méditerranée is expected to attract over 100 exhibiting franchises and near 3,500 visitors. 

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Importing a foreign franchise concept into your country!

French and international franchisors seek partners to export their concept... 

When franchisors have almost complete coverage of their territory and want to consolidate their brand and increase their market share, they look to international markets. They seek investors and entrepreneurs like you to become their international partner in a direct or master franchise. 

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About Top Franchise Mediterranée

franchise show Top Franchise Méditerranée is the only annual show located in a South with a European and Mediterranean dimension that allows hundreds of men and women to fulfil their dreams of creating a business. It brings together over a hundred companies to exhibit their concepts and to offer the show’s large number of visitors a real solution for career changes and the creation or development of a franchised business.

Top Franchise Méditerranée promotes contacts in a setting that encourages discussions and meetings. Entrepreneurs and franchises forge unique and direct links at it to their mutual benefit.
It is a genuine platform for the launch of franchised businesses, for the education and the sharing of experiences that is open to all.

The Fédération française de la franchise and Reed Expositions France have reached an agreement with the Marseilles Provence Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIMP) to organize Top Franchise Méditerranée.

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